Carbon Coach is a person to person service.  Our business exists to help your business understand and reduce its emissions.  We want to demystify the process and put you in control, so pick up the phone or drop us a note and we’ll contact you.  We want to understand where you are coming from and make sure you’re getting what you need, without costing you the earth.

With Carbon Coach you stay in control of your own assessment and gain the knowledge to assess your own emissions.  This means you don’t have to keep paying exorbitant consulting fees year after year after year.  Carbon Coach gives you the information and knowledge to comply with the five principles of a quality assessment outlined in the GHG Protocol: completeness, accuracy, transparency, relevance and consistency.

Complying with these five principles is not possible using consultants or web based calculators, as these methods aren’t transparent about critical calculations or information sources.  Without some of this critical disclosure there is also no way to determine the quality of the service provided or the assessment result.  Switching calculators or consultants at any stage also creates problems with consistency, as there is no way to align the calculations of the new provider to the old one.

With Carbon Coach you have a fully transparent calculation process and full information source disclosure.

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