Carbon Coach – Carbon Footprint Consulting

Carbon Coach is a unique service which provides the assistance and information you need to complete your own carbon footprint assessment.

Carbon Coach is not like other carbon footprinting services, our aim is to provide a highly cost effective solution which gives you the knowledge, support and confidence to complete your own carbon footprint analysis that will withstand the deepest scrutiny from your stakeholders.

Consider accounting: many organisations choose to do their financial bookkeeping in house to reduce costs and make sure they know what’s going on in the organisation, but still they want an accountant’s expert opinion before sending their records to the tax office. Similarly, Carbon Coach allows customers to keep carbon footprint costs down and gain a better understanding by doing most of the work in house, while still having the time saving available through the guidance of an expert, and full confidence in the final result.

Measure the Carbon Footprint of Your Business

Carbon Coach will guide you on how to define you organisation boundary for the emissions assessment, identify which emission sources definitely or may need to be included, then provide a template for you to complete the process.  You can then measure your own business carbon footprint and act on the results.  For more information on the steps to conduct a carbon footprint, click here.

Identify Your Emission Factors

Finding emission factor information can be a difficult and very time consuming process.  Carbon Coach shortcuts this by providing you with the optimal conversion values based on the activity units you have available.

Reduce Your Business Emissions

If you want to take action in your organisation to reduce emissions and its contribution to global warming, Carbon Coach offers a the most cost effective solution to put you in control of your carbon footprint and ensure you have a reliable result.  For more information on the benefits of assessing your greenhouse emissions, click here.

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